About Us

About Us

The QBOX® was developed by David Stevenson who, having spent 20 years in the horticultural industry, was convinced that there was a better, less wasteful and more efficient way to transport cut flowers and house plants than cardboard.

David’s intimate knowledge of the industry stems from his co-ownership of Double H, which is the UK’s largest pot plant grower and supplies Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer. During his career, he also spent several years working as the Commercial and Technical Director for a major UK cut flower importer.

David’s understanding of the logistical complexity of growing and supplying flowers and plants to multiples is reflected in the detail design of the QBOX®. The box transports flowers and plants in an elegant, efficient and cost effective way. The QBOX® is manufactured under licence by the LINPAC group, a £1.1bn global plastics manufacturing.

Since the first QBOX® was used by Marks & Spencer in 2003 the product has developed rapidly and is now used for over 10 million trips per annum in the UK alone.


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